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Montéa Jasmine Konyaku



• 250g konnyaku powder
• 16g Montéa Jasmine tea leaves
• 1200ml boiling water
• Some sour plum (cut in small pieces)


• Pour hot water in Montéa Jasmine tea leave, soak for few minutes then strain it, set aside.

• Add konnyaku powder into tea, cook over low heat for 5 minutes and stir constantly.

• Place some sour plum into jelly mould, slowly pour in konnyaku mixture, leave to cool and chill it in refrigerator until set. Remove from mould and serve cold.


• 250克 蒟弱果冻粉
• 16克 萌帝牌茉莉茶叶
• 1200毫升 沸水
• 适量 酸梅肉 (切粒)


• 把茶叶用沸水冲泡成茶汁过滤备用。

• 将蒟弱果冻粉加入茶汁拌匀以慢火不停的搅拌约5分钟。

• 准备杯模,并在模子内排上少许酸梅肉,然后徐徐将果冻液倒入模子内,待凝固后放入冰箱冷冻,即可享用。