On the Go

MONTEAOn the Go” Series comprises various types of Tea that come with assorted packaging namely Easy Pack, Loose in Mini, Small Bricks in Mini, catered for the desires and needs of tea lovers to enjoy their preference loose-leaf tea while living an on-the-go or fast-paced lifestyle. MONTEA is your trusted buddy when it comes to the Malaysian Style of BYO TEA (Bring Your Own Tea) to your favourite restaurants, dim-sum place, local delicacy food eateries, etc.

We bare handy, lightweight and space in mind when it comes to making MONTEAOn the Go”, but not compromising the quality of your preferred cuppa. Just chuck a few small packs into your bags or luggage when you are going on a vacation, picnic, working trip, long-haul flight, romantic train journey, leisure drive, etc.

Anytime, Anywhere. MONTEAOn the Go”!




MONTEAOn the Go” 伴你左右!

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