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Premium Blue Navi


Blue Navi is a special blend of Tropical Asian herbs namely Butterfly Pea Flower aka Blue Pea Flower, Lemongrass and Pandan Leaf. Butterfly Pea Flower has been traditionally conferred as an ingredient for promoting weight loss and pacifying the mind. Lemongrass is widely used as a natural and traditional remedy for digestive and anti-inflammatory issues. Pandan Leaf is an excellent source of vitamins and antioxidants and is highly praised by the traditional medicine for its role in pain relief. The Butterfly Pea Flower impart a soothing blue colour when brewed, hence the name MONTEA Blue Navi to echo the calmness of deep ocean as a stress buster.

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Net Wt: 50g

Types of Tea: Infusion

Product Code: MBN 050