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TEA or CHA comes from the tea plant classified as Camellia Sinensis. C.S. Sinensis and C.S. Assamica are the two most generally used varietal for commercial tea production. Classification of tea is determined by the variation of tea processing, using the tea leaves, buds, and stems. The six types of tea recognized globally are White Tea, Green Tea, Yellow Tea, Oolong Tea, Black Tea, and Dark Tea. 

MONTEA, a Malaysia tea brand with HALAL & MesTi certification, offers both loose leaf tea and teabags of various tea types including Jasmine TeaGreen TeaOolong TeaBlack Tea and Dark Tea, a variety of Herbal and Floral Infusion Teas, Tea Gift echoing festive and occasions, multi styles convenient pack to suit the On-the-Go and BYO-Tea dine-in lifestyle, of promising and consistent quality. 

Montea practices a culture of best price-performance ratio production with intense earnestness and sincerity, when it comes to “Shaping Your Health”.

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