Herbal Infusion

MONTEA offers a range of Herbal Infusion Teas in the form of loose-leaf tea and teabags.


We started with the classic single floral infusion like Buddy Rosie and Buddy Chrysanthemum, followed by floral & tea infusion like Jasmine Oolong, Rosie Oolong, Rosie Pu’er, Osmanthus Liubao, Osmanthus Oolong, Osmanthus Pu’er, and later ventured into crafting a Stevia Series namely Stevia Jasmine Tea, Stevia Green Tea and Stevia Black Tea.


Spare some nourishing and wellness supportive MONTEA Herbal Infusion at home, at work, for a body relaxing and mind soothing brew, or even turning them into part of your Daily Wellness Routine. Anywhere, Anytime, enjoy the brew either hot or cold, for a “Me Time” moment.

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