Green Tea

Green Tea is a Non-Fermented Tea that undergoes Panning or Steaming Fixation, Shaping, and Drying Process. Green Tea liquor should be transparent and render a bright and pleasant light or pale green colour, but it may turn to slight yellowish green over time through oxidation.


MONTEA offers a list of GREEN TEA which underwent a short time of Tedding before Panning over high heat, in the form of loose-leaf tea and teabags, ranging Classic, Daily, Signature and Premium.


绿茶是经杀青、整形、干燥工序制作而成的不发酵茶。绿茶茶汤一般为透亮的的嫩绿色, 但随着时间的推移,它可能会因氧化而变成淡黄绿色。



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