Black Tea

Black Tea is a Fully Fermented Tea that undergoes Wilting, Shaping, Oxidation, and Drying Process. Black Tea liquor should be transparent and render a bright and pleasant dark red colour. However, as fermentation degree and processing method varies, the tea liquor can yield various colours between amber and reddish brown, ranging from light yellow, bright yellow, golden yellow, orange yellow, orange red, red, dark red to reddish brown.


MONTEA and its buddy house brand MONTEH has a list of BLACK TEA which underwent both traditional Orthodox and CTC Black Tea making process, in the form of loose-leaf tea, and teabags, ranging Daily and Premium. Montea Purple Tea is a unique cultivar of Kenya, and MONTEH carries a selection of specially blended black tea which you should not missed.


红茶是经萎凋、整形、发酵、干燥工序制作而成的全发酵茶。红茶茶汤一般为透亮的的暗红色, 但随着发酵程度和工艺的差异,茶汤颜色可介于琥珀和红褐之间,有淡黄色、明黄色、金黄色、橙黄色、橙红色、红色、暗红色、红褐色不等。



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