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Classic Oolong


Oolong Tea is half way between green tea and black tea in a sense that it’s half- fermented. It’s also called “Qing Cha” (grass tea). Typical Oolong Tea leaves are green in the middle and red on the edges as a result of the process to soften tea leaves.

Oolong Tea leaves are withered and spread before undergoing a brief fermentation process. Then Oolong Tea is fried, rolled and roasted.

Oolong Tea is the chosen tea for the famous Kung Fu Cha brewing process. It’s the serious Chinese tea drinker’s tea. Aroma ranges from light to medium. Beginners in Oolong Tea should be careful as even though flavor is only mild to medium, the tea could be very strong.

六大茶类之一,又称青茶,属半发酵茶。一般 按不同茶树品种单独采制,技术精湛。冲泡后 香气馥郁,具天然兰花幽香,滋味醇厚爽口, 回味甘鲜,经多次冲泡仍有馀韵。

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Net Wt: 125g

Types of Tea: Oolong

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